Worldwide Preferred Technical Partners

We have continuously developed innovative and enhanced solutions for our customers’ benefit, which has resulted in more than 3,000 plants distributed across the world. Without our reliable technical partners, we would not have been able to achieve the economies of scale.


Justsen has had long-lasting and successful cooperation with trustworthy and loyal companies rooted in different European countries – Tjæreborg Industri (Denmark), Datatherm (Slovakia), New Heat Group (Lithuania), and Connexe (France). In 2010, Justsen, together with Datatherm, entered a new venture – heat and electricity production company Termonova A/S in Nova Dubnica, Slovakia.

Newer collaborations include Kees Greeve B.V. (KG Greenhouses) in the Netherlands, Woodco Renewable Energy in Ireland, Saxlund in Sweden, RenCraft in Poland, NerG and Carbon Focus Engineering (CFE) in the United Kingdom. We are confident in our Preferred Technical Partners to find and offer the best fitting solution for the end-user.

Furthermore, Justsen works closely with very knowledgeable and experienced technical advisors, for example, widely recognized Danish Environmental Engineer Bent Foged in Denmark and M. Baxter Biomass Consultancy Ltd. in the United Kingdom, to ensure an efficient implementation of all phases of the project life cycle and deliver our work to the highest standard.

Justsen has partnered with architectural and engineering design experts from Arhiteh (Latvia) for large-scale boiler plants.

For Energy from Waste (EfW) applications, Justsen has teamed up with Ecotec Services Ltd in the UK. The cooperation strengthens technological solutions for converting treated wood to energy.


Justsen subsidiary in Australia, Justsen Pacific Ltd., was registered in 2017 and is based in Sydney. Thomas Strang, General Manager of Justsen Pacific, believes that Australian businesses are yet to fully reap the benefits of renewable bio-energy. Despite of that, Justsen Pacific has already managed to close deals with well-known local industrial companies to install Justsen biomass boiler systems.

The Americas

Since 2006 Justsen has delivered around 30 large scale steam boilers to production facilities of the worldwide leading companies in different industries. Most of them are being serviced by Justsen After Sales team today. Justsen has a network of experienced advisors with local market knowledge to help with new projects.

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