After Sales

We always look to establish long-term relations with our customers. It is important for us that we grow together, and that we are always available if the plant needs to be expanded, altered to meet new environmental requirements or serviced to maintain its condition. We have a complete and up-to-date stock of spare parts, and we thrive to be able to deliver on a day-to-day basis. Our service team guarantees our customers a superior level of operating reliability.

Today, we offer upgraded service solutions to match our customers’ needs.

    • Free telephone support during normal working hours
    • Ongoing maintenance of documentation
    • Original control system software kept ready
    • Original spare parts are kept in stock or ready for immediate production
    • Suggestions for improvements in relation to new legislation and technology
    • 5% discount on original Justsen spare parts and hourly rates
  • Two annual service visits consisting of

    • Inspection of all mechanical and moveable parts
    • Inspection of grate elements (replacing damaged grate elements not included)
    • Inspection of hydraulics
    • Inspection of flue gas cleaning and ducting
    • Control of plant’s operational condition and maintenance
    • Control and optimization of the combustion
    • Advising operators and recommendations for optimization
  • The extended warranty will extend the standard warranty for up to 10 years. The extended warranty will come into force after the standard warranty expires and may be extended by one year at a time.

    Although the extended warranty does not cover spare parts and components required to be replaced as a result of normal wear and tear, Justsen offers the following exceptions

    • Replacement of the grate elements guaranteed up to 10% per year
    • Refractory lining fully covered

    Requires Service Plus Agreement

    • A-, B- and C-Alarms by text message to 3 receivers
    • Easy logging software (no need for SIM-card in panel)
    • Communication with Justsen technicians through secure VPN connection*

    *Requires Basic Support Agreement or Service Plus Agreement

  • Spare parts covered by the warranty will be replaced by Justsen without cost. Wear and tear parts, which are not covered by the warranty, used during the warranty period can be replaced against payment.

    The emergency box will be invoiced separately before shipment with payment due only after the expiry of the warranty. Alternatively the emergency box can be returned, which will trigger a credit note, annulling the original invoice.

    Exact contents to be agreed.

The benefits of different Justsen service agreements are listed in the table below

Covered Basic Support Service Plus
Free telephone support (during working hours) Check Check
Retaining the boiler documentation Check Check
Retaining a copy of the original software Check Check
Availability of spare parts in stock or for immediate production/delivery Check Check
Fast delivery of spare parts (1-2 business days – ex works) Check Check
Advising about improvements in relation to possible new legislation, technological advancements, etc. Check Check
5% discount on original Justsen spare parts and hourly rates Check Check
Possibility to enter Remote Alarm Service Agreement Check Check
Two annual site visits Check
Recommendations for operational optimization Check
Possibility to enter Extended Warranty Agreement (must be entered before the expiry of standard warranty period) – price on request Check

Our service network extends across the globe, and an experienced supervisor with the necessary parts is never far away. All our plants are linked to the Internet, enabling us to monitor and troubleshoot faults – whatever the plant’s location. As can our customers. Regardless of the location, they can always log on to the Internet to check and monitor the boiler system.

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