Justsen Subsidiaries

In addition to our worldwide network of technical partners, we have also chosen to directly establish or invest in selected companies.


Euro Therm 2019 A/S

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

In July of 2019, company Euro Therm A/S, a biomass boiler manufacturer and turnkey solutions supplier, filed for bankruptcy. An executive decision was made at Justsen Energiteknik A/S to take over and revive the company. Justsen acquired all Euro Therm assets, including service engineers and equipment. The company name is changed to Euro Therm 2019 A/S, and it is a fully owned subsidiary of Justsen.

The combination of Justsen and Euro Therm businesses is bringing together two leading Danish district heating boiler suppliers for medium-sized biomass plants. Both companies have similar culture and philosophy of technology. Because Euro Therm has historically operated mostly in the Danish market, it will enhance our capabilities and competitiveness in the local market.

Euro Therm 2019 is undertaking to service existing Euro Therm boiler plants that way ensuring continuity of customer service. Both companies, Justsen and Euro Therm 2019, are sharing the address of Justsen headquarters in Brabrand.

Justsen Pacific

Location: Sydney, Australia

Established in 2017, Justsen Pacific is the Asia Pacific presence of Justsen Energiteknik. We combine Australian heritage and presence with the technical knowledge and distinguished reliability of Danish manufacturing, enabling us to deliver dependable, economical, and advanced bio-energy boiler capability.

We believe Australian businesses are yet to fully reap the benefits of renewable bio-energy. Implementing a bio-energy system can cut the cost of doing business like no other single piece of machinery can. These savings are an untapped reservoir of capital for increasing the profitability or to reinvest back in your business.

Yes, Bio-Energy is completely carbon-neutral, but that’s simply a bonus. The value of implementing a renewable bio-energy system is it will help you save money and help you increase the potential of your business’ bottom line.


Location: Nová Dubnica, Slovakia

Termonova is the local heat distribution company for the town of Nová Dubnica. First phase of the project took place from 2004 to 2006 and involved switching from natural gas based heat to biomass based heat through the local district heating network. The Justsen technical partner in Slovakia took a controlling interest of the company and in connection with implementing the first CHP (Combined Heat and Power) project in 2010, Justsen Energiteknik was invited to become a part owner.

Termonova is not a Justsen technical partner in the traditional sense, since its mission is to sell power and heat. The technical partner remains Datatherm, which installs complete projects based on Justsen equipment in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine.

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