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Know how

Justsen is far from being the largest company within its field. On the other hand, we are a world leader in terms of heating technology and maximum energy utilisation. However, there is more to choosing a plant from Justsen than attractive financial benefits. There is also a significant environmental advantage, because we employ the very latest know-how in environmental technology. This means minimal emissions of dust, waste substances and hazardous gases, as well as other compounds that impact the global environment. Also in this respect we enjoy a leading position. Our plants comply with all current international standards – and more.

​Our knowledge is based on many years of experience and our ability to always think in alternative and innovative ways. It means that we give our engineers considerable elbow room in which to be creative, and we encourage them to think innovatively and apply the latest technological know-how to create even better and more effective energy solutions.

Justsen is therefore always one step ahead, often supplying its customers with plants that are even better than they expected. Customers also get a plant that is designed to meet their specific requirements. 

​This in turn means they receive a plant which lasts longer, requires a minimum of maintenance, and offers a faster return on investment.

Justsen has built up a level of practical experience from establishing plants all over the world under widely differing climatic and geographical conditions. Taking the lead puts you under an obligation, but it is always more challenging than following in other people’s footsteps.

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