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Hot water boiler plant

​Installation works on the biofueled boiler system placed in Aarhus, Denmark began in December 2007. The system, being operational from February 2008, is generating a net output of 2.0 MW for heating purposes.

Fuel is being delivered by truck and unloaded into an underground silo, where a hydraulic operated pushrod outfeeding system extracts the fuel to a screw conveyor taking it to the stoker system.

​The system is equipped with a moving grate fitted with watercooled grate supports, which ensure that the temperature of the grate is kept at a constant level. This prevents the build-up of slag on the grates. The walls of the step grate are also watercooled to further ensure a constant combustion temperature as well as a minimal heating loss.

The steam boiler is an all-welded flue gas tube boiler of the 5-pass type with an open bottom. The two upper flue gas passes can be by-passed at lower loads in order to avoid flue gas condensation at low boiler loads. The low flue gas temperature throughout the operating range as well as a good combustion quality with a low air surplus ensures a very high thermal efficiency.

The modulating control system with complete SCADA system means that all parameters are automatically adjusted according to the current load of the boiler and the system is operating continuously at varying loads.


  • max. heating output net: 2.0 MW
  • working pressure: 4.0 bar(o)
  • working temperature: 120 °C
  • thermal efficiency: 89%
  • calorific value, fuel: 2.6 kWh/kg (wet wood waste)
  • fuel consumption at max. load: 864 kg/h

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